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Expeditions Abroad: From 2014 onwards
A fantastic way to complete The Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme is to undertake a Gold Expedition abroad. Zest for Adventure offers Gold Qualifying Expeditions to the Orjen Mountains in Montenegro. These mountains rise directly up from the waters of the Bay of Kotor to a height of 1,894 metres above sea level. Throughout the range there are glorious views over land and sea, which make this a spectacular and rewarding area to explore. During the course of an expedition here, participants will really get to know and love these beautiful mountains.
Expeditions can be tailored to the requirements of participants but, typically, teams would arrange their own flights to Dubrovnik, in Croatia. Their Zest for Adventure expedition supervisor would then meet them at the airport and transport them to their base campsite just outside the medieval city of Heceg Novi, in Montenegro. From here they would have a day for sightseeing and purchasing supplies before being transported to the start of their four-day expedition. During their expedition they would walk among the Orjen Mountains and finish up at the historic coastal town of Kotor. They would spend a morning exploring the town before returning to their base campsite by boat. The following day they would be returned to Dubrovnik airport.
Full details of suitable routes are given in the “Coastal Mountaineering Transversal Route Orjen - Lovćen - Rumija Guidebook/Map” pack (supplied to all participants). The following is a typical itinerary:
Sunday: arrive at Dubrovnik airport, taken to base campsite at Herceg Novi
Monday: sightseeing and buying expedition supplies
Tuesday: taken to Vrbanj for start of expedition: Vrbanj - Orjensko Sedlo- Crkvice - Kom, wild camp
Wednesday: second day of expedition: Kom - Velji Vrh - Donje Ledenice, wild camp
Thursday: third day of expedition: Donje Ledenice - Sveti Andrija - Sveti Nikola - Vališta, wild camp
Friday: fourth day of expedition: Vališta - Luk - Velji Zalazi - Krstac, wild camp
Saturday: taken to Kotor, sightseeing and boat trip back to base campsite at Herceg Novi
Sunday: taken to airport at Dubrovnik
There is a wide range of mountain paths and tracks in the Orjen Mountains, ranging from very straightforward backpacking trails to routes involving challenging scrambling. It is anticipated that participants would plan routes largely following sections of the long-distance Coastal Mountaineering Transversal Route. This is predominantly graded as "easy" terrain with one short section graded as "moderate" - this section would be closely supervised. Overall, the route is at an appropriate level for a Gold Expedition in wild country. It mainly leads through, rather than over, the mountains. A good-quality guidebook with topographic maps will be provided for the whole route and all the paths are clearly waymarked. However, many of the paths are little used and much of the area is quite remote. All proposed routes would be carefully checked for suitability before being submitted to the Operating Authority for approval.
In order to comply with the requirements of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, the pre-requisites for this Gold Qualifying Expedition are:
Gold Expedition Training completed and signed off
Gold Practice Expedition(s) completed and signed off



Expeditions will be remotely supervised in line with Duke of Edinburgh's Award requirements by a qualified and experienced Mountain Leader who has completed the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Expedition Supervisor training programme. The supervisor will be familiar with the Orjen Mountains and will be qualified in remote first aid and will be CRB cleared. It is a requirement that all participants are suitable trained and have completed appropriate practice expeditions prior to undertaking this expedition. They will need to be suitably equipped. In addition, the expedition supervisor will carry comprehensive safety equipment.


Each team and your accompanying leader, as well as the expedition supervisor, will be issued with a local mobile phone whilst on expedition. However, it needs to be borne in mind that mobile reception is patchy in the mountains.





Zest for Adventure has a British in-country agent permanently living and working in Herceg Novi who will be on on call throughout each expedition. Our agent has a 4-wheel drive vehicle and speaks fluent Serbian (the local language). In addition, we are members of Mountaineering Club Subra, based in Herceg Novi, who organise mountain rescue in the Orjen Mountains. They also will be fully briefed and on call throughout each expedition.



As well as the expedition supervisor, there will be an independent Duke of Edinburgh's Award nationally accredited Gold Assessor who will assess the expedition in line with the requirements of the award.


We are fully covered by public liability insurance, but all participants will need to arrange their own travel insurance. This should cover mountain walking.




An Open Gold Qualifying Expedition is planned for the following dates in 2011:


Sunday 29 May to Sunday 5 June

(Summer Half-term Holiday)


Alternatively, if you have a group of at least seven participants who would like to undertake this expedition, please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss suitable dates to run an expedition specially for your group.


Based on a minimum of seven participants, the cost for the expedition is £500.00 per participant. There would be no charge for one accompanying leader per seven participants.
The price includes the following:
Transport between Dubrovnik airport and the base campsite at Herceg Novi
Transport to the start, and from the finish, of the expedition
Expedition supervision and assessment
Guidebook and maps
Campsite fees
Cooking fuel
Local mobile phones
Boat trip from Kotor to the base campsite at Herceg Novi
The price excludes the following:
Expedition equipment
Travel insurance

Further Information


For further information about the the Bay of Kotor and the Orjen Mountains please vist the website of our sister company Montenegro Adventure: