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Team Challenge


This programme offers a range of challenging and enjoyable teamwork activities for students of all ages.




Team Challenge consists of a programme of different initiative challenges designed to get groups of students working together as a team. They will have to find their way through mazes, cross imaginary swamps, overcome obstacles, find ways of sending coded messages and solve puzzles. The skills that they will develop during these programmes include:





Decision making


Problem solving




Students will work together in teams of up to fifteen participants, and will start off with simple activities designed to build up their confidence and get them thinking about working as a team. As the programme develops, they will progress onto activities which will require higher levels of organisation, communication and co-operation. Throughout the programme, these activities will be continually reviewed to help the students analyse and learn from their performance.


The programme is designed to contribute to the outcomes of the Government’s Every Child Matters: Change for Children strategy for the well-being of young people:


Be healthy – benefiting from the opportunity to enjoy physical activities

Stay safe – assessing the risks of various possible solutions to a challenge

Enjoy and achieve through learning – enjoying success through solving problems

Make a positive contribution to society – developing teamwork and co-operation

Achieve economic well-being – gaining leadership and organisational skills




In order to save you the time and expense of organising travel for your students, these activities are designed to be held at your school or college. They can be held outdoors on a playground or playing field or indoors in a school hall – wherever you have sufficient space available for the number of students participating.


Safety and Quality


Safety and quality are the top priorities on our programmes. All these activities are designed to be simple to transport, quick to set up, straightforward to facilitate and very safe. All our facilitators are highly experienced at leading these activities and are first aid qualified and CRB cleared.




In order to maintain a high-quality and safe learning experience, we have a maximum team size of fifteen participants. For larger numbers than this we offer two options:


Fully staffed. We provide sufficient facilitators to lead all the teams.

Course director only. We provide one course director to oversee the whole programme and train up your own staff beforehand to facilitate these activities. For this option, your staff would all need to be available for an hour beforehand to be briefed on each of the challenges. This can be either on the day of the programme or a separate training session can be arranged on a previous day. Full written briefs are provided for each of your staff.




The programme is designed to run for two hours per team. Depending on the number of teams you wish to participate in the programme, and the times slots you have available to run it, we are able to run multiple teams all at the same time or one after the other.




Subject to availability, this programme can be held on a date to suit you. If you have a group of students who you would like to participate in this programme, please contact us, and we will be pleased to discuss available dates to run a programme for them.




Exact costs will depend on the details of the programme that you would like us to provide and on your location, but typical costs are as follows:


Fully staffed

If you would like us to facilitate all the challenges, the costs per facilitator are:


£80.00 for a two-hour programme and £40.00 per additional two hours.

Each facilitator would work with one team (up to fifteen participants) at a time.


Course director only

If you would like us to provide a course director and train up your staff to facilitate all the challenges, the costs are:


£120.00 for a two-hour programme and £60.00 per additional two hours.

Our course director would work with up to six teams (one of your staff and up to fifteen participants per team) at a time.