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Bronze Award


On completed of this award, participants will be able to plan and follow simple walks in the countryside, mainly on paths and tracks.




The learning outcomes of the award are as follows:


Understand the nature of a map as a two-dimensional plan

Understand how to use map symbols and scales, on a variety of maps

Take a 6-figure grid reference for any given position, and also locate such a reference on the map

Orientate the map with and without a compass

Use the orientated map to identify land features and indicate direction of travel

Choose simple navigation strategies and routes

Use linear features (such as paths and tracks) as handrails in simple navigation exercises

Estimate distance on both map and ground

Using a basic understanding of contours, match major landforms like hills and valleys to their map


Plan a safe, suitable walk

Relocate using simple techniques on paths and other handrails

Understand access rights and responsibilities

Demonstrate an awareness of local and national access issues and access legislation

Demonstrate knowledge of the Countryside Code, and of procedures to be followed in the event of an


Assessment Guidance Notes


Candidates will be assessed on their ability to navigate using a variety of simple line features in open countryside and/or woodland:


The assessment route would normally include a number of points on distinct features which require

the navigator to use a variety of line features

The assessment route would normally have frequent changes in direction to assess map orientation


The practical assessment will be undertaken over a distance of between 3 and 5km, dependent on


Practical assessment will be reinforced by questions to the candidate on the basic skills of

navigation, route planning, selection and safety. This may be done orally or in a written format

• The minimum assessor:candidate assessment ratio is 1:6

The duration for training and assessment for the Bronze Award is a minimum of 12 hours, to cover all

aspects of the syllabus




We generally run Bronze Award courses at Dell Farm Outdoor Education Centre. The course includes training and assessment and lasts for two days. The total cost is £100.00 per candidate, including a certificate if successful.


Courses will be running on the following dates in 2010:


Saturday 30 to Sunday 31 January

Saturday 2 to Sunday 3 October


The address of the centre used for the course is:

Dell Farm Outdoor Education Centre, Whipsnade, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 2LG.


Alternatively, if you have a group of between four and six candidates who would like to participate in this course, please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss available dates and quote you a price to run a course specially for your group. If suitable, this could be at your own venue.